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Our team is just a phone call away to provide ongoing EHR training and be there for you whenever you need help and support.


Speed-up your clinical processes and automate your workflow with our all-in-one integrated solution.


A system that manages the entire revenue cycle from Eligibility Verification to Claim Processing and getting paid.

A free, integrated Cloud-Based EHR and Practice Management System EHR, Medical Billing, and Practice Management System with simplified workflows and medical billing processes.


Our cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) software is an integrated and scalable solution to enable your practice to improve the quality of care provided to patients. This easy to use web-based EHR platform allows you to document, access and track your Clinical and Financial information on any internet-ready device no matter where you are.

Practice Management

Our state-of-the-art EHR allows practices to focus on patient care rather than time-consuming administrative tasks. From automated appointment scheduling to collecting payments, submitting charges to reducing your denied claims MediFusion's integrated practice management software lets you manage your entire revenue cycle from end to end.

Medical Billing

User-friendly and cloud-based RCM platform empowers your staff with efficient claims management to deliver top quality results. MediFusion provides smart medical billing solutions to automate your revenue cycle, manage collections, reduce no shows, claim denials/rejections, as well as improve insurance reimbursements.

Experienced Industry Leaders

With more than 25 years of experience in providing healthcare IT services to healthcare organizations, we understand your needs and deliver real-time, practical, and efficient solutions to support patient care for improving your bottomline.


Collection Increased


Clean Claim Rate


Workers Employeed


Specialities Covered

MediFusion takes your Practice to the Next Level With MediFusion’s comprehensive suite of services and robust EHR and Practice Management software, you and your staff can continue to monitor and manage your practice on the go. MediFusion offers an extensive range of products and features to modernize your practice

Automated Workflows

Our reliable cloud-based EHR automates workflows and claims processes to streamline operations and ensures efficient practice management.

Integrated EHR System

MediFusion’s fully integrated EHR with medical billing software saves time and improves clean claim rates using the automated process.

Quick Payments

MediFusion allows practitioners to receive payments fast by maximizing revenue collection, and minimizing all administrative paperwork.

HIPAA Compliant

Our software ensures patient confidentiality for all healthcare information and is compliant to the guidelines and policies of HIPAA.

Real-time Reports

Get real-time financial, billing, and clinical reports in easy to interpret formats to see the required metrics for desired analysis.

Complete Transparency

Our software provides real-time financial and health record data to give enhanced visibility of your operations at the click of a button.

Transform Your Practice With Our FREE Cloud-Based EHR

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Why Choose Us?

Exclusive Trainings

We offer free on-demand and role-based training sessions for providers and office staff to make sure optimum usage of our EHR

Specialty Specific

Our Specialty-focused EHR solution is designed to cater the needs of every practice, with hundreds of templates available at your fingertips.

Patient Engagement

With the patient portal, the patient can log into their record, track information, and make appointment requests through their portal that improves patient-centric care.

Improved Collaboration

Primary physicians can easily share information with specialists for analysis leading to lowering care costs and better outcomes.

Built For Your Growth

Our EHR and Practice Management software streamlines billing, collections, and your entire revenue cycle management. It drive efficiency, boost revenues and enable you to provide the top quality service your patients deserve. MediFusion’s simple and easy interface with high-class security features is the only software that actually fit right into your clinical and administrative workflows.

  • Drive efficiency, results, and success
  • Grow your reputation, patients, and profit
  • Fulfill scheduling, billing, and reporting needs
  • Best-in-class security features handle patient information securely
  • Empower your practice with simple yet easy to use EHR tools
  • Enable easy communication with your staff and patients to boost patient engagement

We let physicians deliver optimal care and make their business profitable. Today, we proudly support more than 55 specialties and more than 2000 physicians.

Hundreds of IT resources not only support customizations, implementation, and process automation but also transition your clinical and non-clinical data from any EHR and Billing System seamlessly.

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