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Appointment Scheduling

Streamline your Practice with simple Appointment Scheduling Software.

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Our integrated scheduling software creates a smooth user experience for front office staff, clinical staff, physicians, and medical billing staff with advanced features to enhance convenience and usability.



Free e-Prescribe, save time and eliminate unnecessary phone calls.

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Improve patient safety through e-prescribing by increasing prescription legibility, decreasing the time required to prescribe medications and dispense them to patients, and decreasing medication errors.

Reporting & Analytics

 See financial health of your practice with easy to understand reports.

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Analytics provide a comprehensive overview of your practice’s performance areas, you can effectively monitor and fine-tune your workflow to maximize productivity, resource utilization, and profitability.


MediFusion lab integration lets physicians submit lab orders and receive results electronically.

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Lab Integration provides a Fast, Safe and Secure means for electronic lab order submissions and receipts of lab results. We will integrate with your favorite Lab. 


Appointment Reminders

Reduce No-Shows and increase productivity with automated alerts.

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Stop Playing Phone Tag, Leaving Voicemails, and Manually Confirming Appointments. Strengthen Your Practice And Retain Appointment Revenue With Personalized Appointment Reminders.

Patient Portal

Stay Engaged with your patients and communicate with patients securely.

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Better Patient Communications. Streamline Patient Registration and Administrative Tasks. Collect Payments & Increase Revenue. Greater Focus on Patient Care. Better Patient-Physician Relationships.


Managed Billing

Complete RCM services and dedicated account manager with our preferred Billing partner. 

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Our Managed Billing Specialists are always available to help you with any query, our team comprises of experts that do their best to identify, troubleshoot and provide resolutions to time pressing matters.

Billing Software

A Cloud based Medical Billing Software for your Healthcare Organization or Billing Company.

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Manage claims process from centralized platform from with integrated Clearinghouse. No need to upload claims or downloading ERAs.


Eligibility Verification

Confirm insurance coverage in real time with MediFusion.

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Insurance verifications can be complex, with MediFusion Automate healthcare insurance eligibility verifications. Confirm benefits, fast-track patient enrollment, and increase patient collections.

Smart Dashboard

Real time status and snap shot of your practice on one page.

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Our dashboard is an analytical, comprehensive, and dynamic tool that provides a condensed, visual report of key performance indicators (KPIs). A high-level snapshot of what’s going on in your facility.


Secure Messaging

Save time and Stay connected with your office staff, billers and patients via secure messaging.

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With a secure  messaging, healthcare facilities enable their staff to work both efficiently and easily while maintaining each of their patient’s privacy when transmitting PHI. A secure solution and HIPAA compliant.


Document Management

MediFusion provides advanced document management capabilities.

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Store patient documents securely. We offers unlimited cloud storage space at no charge. Seamlessly integrate scanned charts, fax referrals & clinic paperwork.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Healthcare Providers, Billing Services and Labs. Starting at $0 Per Month.

MediFusion® Is An All-In-One, Cloud-Based Practice Management System. We’re A Comprehensive Platform to Manage All Major Functions Of A Practice.

Maintain control over users and workflows using a central administration console. Schedule for all locations, providers and specialties from a single portal. Increase the speed of collections by centralizing billing. Billing rules embedded in MediFusion flags issues before a claim leaves the office and improves collections.