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MediFusion is a fully integrated suite of software designed to offer innovative EHR and medical billing solutions to healthcare practices and enhance clinical, administrative and financial operations.

600+ Employees Worldwide

75+ Specialities Served

44 States Served

100% Satisfied Customers

Serving All Types of Medical Specialties & Hospitals

Be it big or small, a single physician or a large medical practice, Our services are a go-to solution for all types of healthcare entities. MediFusion aims to provide sound business solutions so healthcare professionals can tackle all regulatory challenges without any worry.


Healthcare solutions


Cardiologists Cardiology


family doctor

Family Medicine

Gastroenterologists Gastroenterology


Laboratory Billing

Laboratory Billing

General Practice

General Practice

Chiropractor Chiropractic


Electronic Health Record Dermatology




Endocrinologists Endocrinology


Electronic Health Record Osteopathic




Automated EHR and Medical Billing Solutions

A healthcare technology company, MediFusion provides extensive services to help practices streamline work flow, improve revenue and enhance patient experience. Our smart care management functions as a single, cohesive EHR platform designed to help medical practitioners and healthcare providers take their business enterprise to the next level.

Keeping Up with The Latest in Healthcare

At MediFusion, we are consistently innovating our services to stay ahead of the global healthcare trends, which is a testament to the functionality and flexibility of our core solutions to ensure transformational change through technology.

Background In recent years, the use of electronic medical records (EMR) and billing software has become increasingly popular in medical practices. There …

Healthcare is an industry that has been around for centuries, and it has undergone significant transformations in the past few years. With …

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