Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Streamline workflow and improve your bottom-line with MediFusion’s state-of-the-art Value Added Services.

Perfect Solutions for Medical Practices

Take your practice to the next level as our advanced features are designed to optimize practice management, increase revenue cycle and deliver quality healthcare solutions. Patients can access their EHR data securely with DocuHub and our E-Prescribing Solutions reduce workload of staff so they can focus on other administrative duties.

Value Added Services

Provider Credentialing

No more confusion or tedious paperwork with insurance companies as our team of experts will take your practice through the whole credentialing process without you breaking a sweat! Be it a hospital or single practitioner, we provide complete credentialing services to thousands of healthcare providers.

  • Reduce time and effort as our credentialing services delivers real-time and accurate results to prevent revenue disruption and scale your practice’s growth.

  • No need for any paperwork as our services expedite the credentialing process, reducing or eliminating the need for paper form.

  • We perform a thorough and detailed background check on all healthcare providers from their medical education to their specialties.

Simple, Secure, Trusted Document Management

MediFusion’s DocuHub offers secure access to your files and medical records — whenever, wherever. No need to dig through old file cabinets or your hard drive, our simple document management software is designed to improve efficiency and convenience for medical healthcare providers.

cloud based document management system
practice management software

E-Prescribing Solutions

MediFusion’s fully automated e-prescribing service is designed to improve not just staff efficiency but enhance the quality of care at your practice to achieve patient satisfaction.

  • E-prescribing solution is designed to provide a simple and effective way to streamline workflow.
  • We maintain HIPAA guidelines to ensure security for EHR and patient privacy.
  • Reduce the amount of time and effort required from your staff for prior authorizations.

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