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Our integrated, scalable, and customizable practice management system lets physicians and hospitals achieve their business goals and ultimate care by providing user-friendly appointment scheduling, patient engagement module, financial reports, patient summary reports, security, and billing configuration with training and support for the entire staff. MediFusion delivers robust, cloud-based analytics and summary reports to give you a real insight into financial performance of your practice.  .

Intelligent Practice Management

Automate the entire process of practice management from appointment scheduling, setting reminders, eligibility verification, claims management, reporting and analytics to tackle your practice challenges and improving revenues.

Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Check patients’ eligibility, co-pay amounts, and insurance coverage in real-time.

Appointment Scheduler

Schedule your patients’ appointments, set reminders to reduce no-shows, and let you focus on delivering patients care.

No Hardware to Purchase.

Streamline your entire practice management process electronically, leaving no need for hardware to purchase.

Secure access anytime

Allow you to securely access data anywhere, anytime with our HIPAA Compliant software.

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze your insights, metrics, financial status using the specific KPIs, and highlight the problem areas for a medical company to thrive.

Claim Management

Submit claims requests faster, verify insurance coverage, expedite your claiming process, and improve reimbursements.

Business Intelligence

Improve Your Financial Outcome and Practice Efficiency

Actionable Reports

Our real-time business intelligence module offers a complete range of financial and reporting capabilities that presents a detailed business overview for strategic decision-making.

Practice Management System

Ready to revolutionize your practice?

Automated Reminder Messages and Calls

Improve financial performance, reduce no-shows by 90%, and save time with “Automated Reminders”

  • Automatically set appointment reminder calls before appointments and reduces no-shows by 90%.
  • Update your patients’ status automatically in real-time.
  • Schedule automated reminder calls at a time that suits you best.
  • Completely automated billing reminders to patients
  • Reduces administration time and enables staff to reallocate their resources on valuable tasks.
  • Minimizes the risks of non-payment, improves financial productivity, and helps to receive Payments quickly.
Practice Management System reminder

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