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operational analytics

Export Reports

Scale the growth of your practice by receiving real-time and up-to-the minute information in detailed visual charts and graphs that can be exported to PDF or Excel.

Business Intelligence

Extensive Business Analytics

Improve your productivity as our Business Intelligence software provides comprehensive analytics to ensure a better understanding of your patients’ needs and requirements to deliver top quality outcomes.

financial operational analytics

Analyze Your Financials

View and analyze your practice’s financial data with just of a click a button. MediFusion’s Business Intelligence software allows business managers and healthcare providers make real-time decisions.

business intelligence software

All-In-One Business Solution

In these modern times, your practice needs the right tools to give you an edge over your competitors. Which is why MediFusion’s Real-Time Business Intelligence platform offers complete healthcare analytics for you to gain a new level of insight into your practice’s minute-by-minute performance.

Check out some of our features that will give you a better insight to your clinical, financial and business data to make data-driven decisions.

Clinical Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of your data for a fresh perspective in a customizable and easy-to-build dashboard so you can analyze your healthcare data as well as your practice’s operations.

Key Performance Indicators

Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by analyzing all underlying cause of your practice’s current performance, including examining your denials, billing cycle and collections to spot any bottlenecks.

Billing Intelligence

From billing to collections and everything in between, plan for the road ahead as our platform allows you to leverage data insights from every part of your practice to see where your organization stands

Analyze Anytime, Anywhere

Create in-depth analysis and visualize your practice’s clinical data and financials with our intuitive, smooth and easy-to-use interface. Be it mobile or browser, access data on-the-go and dive deeper into your enterprise’s data for a complete look of your operations.

business intelligence software

Data-driven Strategic Decisions​

Garner the best results and generate high quality healthcare experience for everybody involved. MediFusion’s platform enhances your data governance strategy so your practice can make well thought-out decisions based on real-time insights powered by relevant information.

Real Time Business Intelligence

Real-Time Business Intelligence

A fast and reliable healthcare business intelligence platform designed to provide comprehensive business solutions with up-to-the-minute information so you can have better understanding of your practice’s operations and make smart decisions.

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