Virtual Care With Integrated Telehealth Solutions

Robust and Innovative Telemedicine Platform that Makes Virtual Consultations Possible Anytime, Anywhere


Technology Meets Healthcare

Scale your practice’s growth with MediFusion’s Telehealth solutions and provide quality healthcare services on a secure network. No more no-shows or waiting in line, our software is designed to connect practitioners and physicians directly with their patients in a manner that is easy and accessible.

Here’s What We Can Offer

Built-in with the same cloud-based robust fundament as our core suite, MediFusion’s Telehealth services deliver optimal performance on a secure network. Our product is HIPAA-compliant and offers real-time video platform that protects the two-way interaction between patient and provider.

HIPAA-Compliant Service

All healthcare activities are in compliance with guidelines of HIPAA, HITECH, False Claims Act, FDCPA etc.

Improve Revenue

Convert emails or unpaid phone calls to reimbursable video visits with MediFusion’s Telehealth services.

Patient Satisfaction

Offer patients the accessibility and convenience of our reliable Telehealth services. We ensure quality video and audio calling services to strengthen patient-physician communication.

One-Click Scheduling

Improve staff efficiency to handle numerous patients with our simple and easy-to-use appointment scheduler that seamlessly schedules appointment with just a click of a button.

Video Conference Call

At the click of a button, deliver quality care to patients anytime, without any hassle.

Improve Workflow

Maintain an efficient workflow for billing, scheduling and charting and reduce the burden on your staff so they can provide a more focused patient care.

telehealth solutions
Deliver a More Personalized Patient Care, Even in Remote Settings

Improve reimbursement regulations as our services continue to empower more healthcare providers to connect with thousands of patients to deliver quality healthcare. Practices no longer have to worry about unbillable follow-up calls or disruption to daily workflow as our services helps clinicians connect with patients in just a click of a button.

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