Public Documentation for the MediFusion Patient Access API

MediFusion Patient Access API for MediFusion Enterprise EHR

The FHIR based API for patient access is for app developers that want to give access to patients in a MediFusion Enterprise practice API to access their health records.  

Patient Access API Documentation

Route-level documentation is available here:

Additional Information

Authentication & Data Endpoints:

  1. OAuth2 Token Endpoint:
  2. Token URL:
  3. Data Endpoint :

The following is the base URL for the MediFusion Patient Access API (to be used in conjunction with the individual route endpoints indicated in the preceding documentation page/swagger JSON):

R4 Version Base URL:
  • For more information and process steps, check the information within the Patient Access APIs and regulatory compliance section of
  • There are no contracting requirements for the provisioning of data via Patient Access APIs for MediFusion Enterprise EHR; MediFusion Healthcare will provide patient data through these APIs.
  • There is no requirement for contracting for Patient Access to USCDI Reads (GETs) (i.e. executing an API Terms of Service Agreement) with MediFusion Healthcare.

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