A/R Recovery

Get the Highest Reimbursement Possible For Your Practice

While most medical billing services focus on the initial billing process to get collection of ‘easy money’, they often miss the mark on your practice’s bottom-line. MediFusion’s A/R Recovery process goes above and beyond to generate the highest profit margins for your practice. Our Accounts Receivable Recovery system is what truly makes us standout from the rest.

AR recovery
A Dedicated Accounts Receivable Recovery Service​

MediFusion is a complete medical billing solution as our services continually follow-up with each and every claim submitted to an insurance company until it is processed and resolved. Be it big or small, MediFusion has an attention-to-detail approach to ensure your practice receives the highest level of reimbursement possible for your services.

A/R Recovery
What You Can Expect from MediFusion’s A/R Recovery Process​
  • Quick and regular follow-up on each and every no-pay claim responses or denials.
  • Keep you up-to-date with monthly aging reports on unpaid claims.
  • Daily follow-up on unpaid claims after the billing process.
  • File secondary and tertiary insurance.
  • Appeal insurance denials within the payer’s billing guidelines.
  • Create a healthy relation with adjustors to ensure timely bill payments.
We Do the Tedious Work So You Can Focus on Patient Care

We at MediFusion are committed to doing the tedious, time-consuming work so your practice gets reimbursement as soon as possible. Our services regularly track claims, submit appeals and check for eligibility to ensure accuracy of information, timely follow-ups and appeals.

patient care

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