Claims Scrubbing

Guaranteed Clean Claims

Automate Claim Cleaning Process, Improve Accuracy, and Increase Reimbursements through MediFusion Claims Scrubbing Solution

Claims Scrubbing

Minimizes Denials, Increase Reimbursements​

MediFusion claim scrubbing minimizes denials by ensuring claim accuracy and enables doctors to receive quick payments that optimize financial performance for small as well as large sized practices.

Get cleaner claims with MediFusion Claims Scrubbing

MediFusion Claim Scrubbing solution uses Machine Learning to pin down claims having issues and makes  appropriate edits systematically in most of the claims before submission. Each claim is checked for a wide range of systematic checks including NCCI edits, LCD policies by state to make coverage determination, and used thousands of other rules that have been established at the backend.

MediFusion’s Claim Scrubbing tool keeps itself updated at all time with payers’ specific requirements to give you an enhanced experience of expedited and clean claims.

Claims Scrubbing automation

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Claims Scrubbing benefits

Claim Scrubbing Benefits

The investment for claim scrubbing software pays back when a significant increase in payment is witnessed with almost zero rejected claims. The benefits of claim scrubbing include:

  • Cleaner claims
  • Faster Payment
  • Fewer denials
  • More cash flow
  • Decrease in AR

MediFusion makes the medical billing process easier for practices and insurance companies. Our electronic claim scrubbing process checks for any claim errors or inaccuracies before sending it to the insurance company and let clinicians less worry about business and shift focus on patients care.

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