Mandatory Disclosure of MediFusion Certified EHR

To participate in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) formerly known as Meaningful Use (MU) programs or EHR incentive programs, eligible clinicians and hospitals must use a certified EHR technology as defined by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT rules (ONC). ONC recognizes a number of Authorized Certification Bodies (also known as ONC-ACBs) that are qualified to verify that an EHR system or module meets the program’s technological capabilities, functionality, and security requirements.

Drummond Group, SLI Compliance and ICSA Labs are among the ONC-ACBs. ONC evaluates the certification and adds it to the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) on the ONC website when an ONC-ACB certifies it.

An ONC-ACB certified product usage gives Physicians and Patients peace of mind that the health IT tools and systems they’re using are storing their data, and allowing them to share it securely for continued or ongoing care.

MediFusion Cloud-based software has been certified by SLI compliance with the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ certification* standards.

*The US Department of Health and Human Services does not endorse this certification.

Vendor name: MediFusion, LLC

Date Certified: …

Product Name and Version: MediFusion, Version 2.0

Certification ID: …

ONC Certified:

The ONC-ATCB has certified MediFusion to help eligible clinicians and groups qualify for federal incentives under the MIPS programs.

Modules Tested and Certified:

170.315(a)(5)   170.315(a)(12)  170.315(a)(14)  170.315(a)(15)  170.315(a)(1)   170.315(a)(2)  170.315(a)(3)  170.315(a)(4)   170.315(a)(9)   170.315(b)(2)  170.315(d)(1)   170.315(d)(2)   170.315(d)(3)  170.315(d)(4)   170.315(d)(5)   170.315(d)(6)   170.315(d)(7)   170.315(d)(8)   170.315(d)(9)                     170 315(d)(10)   170.315(d)(11)   170.315(d)(12)   170.315(d)(13)   170.315(b)(1)   170.315(b)(6)   170.315(b)(7)   170.315(b)(8)   170.315(e)(1)   170.315(e)(3)   170.315(f)(1)   170.315(f)(2)   170.315(f)(3)   170 315(g)(6)   170 315(g)(7)   170 315(g)(8)   170 315(g)(9)   170 315(h)(1)   170.315(c)(1)   170.315(c)(2)   170.315(c)(3)   170.315(g)(2)   170.315(g)(3)   170.315(g)(4)   170 315(g)(5)

Additional Software:

The third party vendors we are using for certification of MediFusion:

EMRDirect version 2017 (b1), (h1)

DAW System (ScriptSure Cloud version2.0) (a1), (a4), (a10), (a13)

Chrony NTP/3.4                NTP Test


Tested and Certified Clinical Quality Measures:

Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) Poor Control (> 9%) – EP/EC -CMS122

Controlling High Blood Pressure – EP/EC- CMS165

Price Transparency Statement:

Providers get all they need to achieve meaningful utilization within the MediFusion application at a very minimal cost, there is an additional fee on usage of direct messaging capabilities, electronic prescribing and telehealth functionalities. All other features, certified by ONC, are available at no additional cost to our Pro, Ultimate and RCM Customers. Please review the pricing page for more details of our plans and pricing.