Eligibility Verification

Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification

Verifying insurance can be tricky, especially with patients changing insurances. What you need is MediFusion’s services that can identify coverage in real-time and reduce denied claims due to inactive insurance.

Do more with our automated Insurance Eligibility Verification

Increase Cash Flow

Get real-time access to patient-provider eligibility as well as benefits data to improve claim rates and accelerated reimbursement.

Quick Registration

Verify patient coverage and registration information in real-time and submit claim on time.

Uninterrupted Workflow

Improve practice efficiency and minimum edits or follow-up notifications by receiving clear and concise eligibility responses.

Enhance Self-Pay Revenue

Take advantage of opportunities with additional reimbursement by matching self-pay patients against various insurance database.

Save Time

Automated eligibility checks allow your staff to save time and easily accommodate more patient visits.

Empower Practice Finances

Get accurate data about patient’s financial obligations before time of service.

Let us help you in the billing process

We ensure both, patients and providers, are well-aware of their co-pays, deductibles and coverage to minimize confusion, payment delays or any need for a follow-up.

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