HIPAA Compliance

Patient Data Security is Our Number One Priority

HIPAA Compliance Services

Our cloud-based services are HIPAA Compliant to meet the government standards of data storage and transmission. MediFusion’s encryption system protects transmission of data between patient and practice.

A Cost-Effective Data Security Solution

It is extremely expensive for most practices to attain top-level data security services. Which is why MediFusion is a fully integrated practice management service that delivers enterprise-level security at an affordable price.

Patient-Centric Security

At MediFusion, not everyone can simply access patient data. We provide different levels of access to staff members based on their role at your practice. Each employee is assigned a different level of security clearance, which makes it easy to reduce security breaches. This also prevents staff from unknowingly change or view patient information that doesn’t pertain to their specific duty.

State-of-the-Art Data Encryption

MediFusion’s built-in HIPAA Compliant security features include strong password requirements, verification questions, session lockouts and more. Passwords are stored via one-way hashing algorithm with thorough user access log entries for better security and tracking.

Take Control of Data

While we protect your practice’s medical data, you have complete control over your practice’s operations. Get a bird’s eye view of practice data and secure access anytime, anywhere.

Why Cloud Storage?

Forget about storing patient information on paper documents or localized server, the future is cloud. Most common type of data breach is often physical theft. At MediFusion, our priority is data security as we know it is not just a one-time certification. Data security is a 24/7 duty that requires a team of diligent IT experts looking to stay one step ahead of any potential threat or data breach. Which is why our HIPAA-Compliant cloud service is a much safer option.

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