Lab Integration

Lab Integration

Interface with hundreds of your preferred Labs

Why waste time writing and processing requisition forms for laboratories, when you can get it done electronically in no time! MediFusion’s Lab Integration links your practice directly to LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics and hundred other certified labs without any hassle.


Provide Convenience to Your Patients with MediFusion Lab Integration
  • Our platform is designed to deliver efficiency without compromising on patient convenience. By setting up their PHR account, your patients can:
  • Get total access to their medical history, including diagnosis and medication.
  • Be able to make secure payments and receive timely account statements.
  • Schedule and track their upcoming or pending appointments.
  • Easily communicate with their physicians and office staff online.
  • Check their labs results anytime online.
  • Fill out forms and any necessary paperwork from the comfort of their home.
  • Make request for prescription refills.
Lab Integration

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lab integration

What MediFusion’s Lab Integration Can Do for You?

Send and receive lab orders electronically to your preferred labs.

  • Organize and store lab reports electronically in patient charts automatically without ever needing multiple printing devices or fax machines.
  • Get real-time notifications of unviewed results as well as alerts for any abnormal results.
  • Forward patient lab results to physicians in a secure and easy manner.
  • Get streamlined and cumulative reports delivered in a manageable process.

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