Multi Factor Authentication Guide


As there are so many ways to hack and bypass password authentication, multi-factor authentication is critical for account security. 

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is when you safeguard your account with multiple factors or locks, adding an extra layer of security. A factor is divided into three groups in this context:

  • Knowledge of the users (e.g., password)
  • Something that belongs to the user (e.g., phone)
  • Biometric characteristics (e.g., fingerprint)

To be properly protected by multi-factors, your account must require at least 2 locks before granting access. MediFusion offers multiplication authentication methods:

  • Mobile phone (SMS)
  • Email

In this article, we will show you how to use SMS and Email authentications on MediFusion.

The health IT developer identifies the encryption algorithm and hashing algorithm to be used to send/receive secure messages.


1. Login to Medifusion using vendor-provided credentials.

2. Click on settings from the left navigation menu and find the User management section, under the user management section look for the view user option and click on it.

3. By clicking on View Users Logged in user will be shown a list of existing users for the practice in Medifusion. Here logged-in users can view details of users or add a new user by clicking on Add New.

  1. To enable 2FA for a user click on the user name from the grid and check is 2FA enabled at the bottom right of the screen.

SMS Authentication:

When creating an account, you provide your mobile phone number. Whenever you want to log in, the service sends you an SMS message with a verification code that expires after a certain period of time. You have to input that code in order to log in.

  • It is convenient & easy to use
  • It doesn’t require an additional application.
Email Authentication:

If you choose Email authentication method, you will receive a verification code on your registered email.

As soon as you verify your identity, you will be able to login to the MediFusion EHR Software.

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