Automated Workflows

Accelerate your Practice Management Efficiency with Automated Workflows

Streamline overall healthcare management, deliver optimum care, and improve patients’ experience.

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Automated Workflows​

Our EHR Workflow Automation leads to high-quality care and helps in better decisions regarding the patient care plan. Medifusion Workflow automation makes it more practical to comply with regulations like HIPAA and the growing privacy concerns. Automating workflows cut costs, eradicate prescription errors and refills, and improve the patient experience.

Copay Collection and Insurance Verification

Automated insurance verification workflow reduces claims denials, improve copay collections, and insurance verification that significantly benefits your practice.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

With automated appointment scheduling and reminders, healthcare professionals get reduction in missed appointments that streamline upcoming appointments and cash flow.

Revenue Cycle Management Workflow:

Get a reduction in billing errors, patients’ complaints, and speeds up receiving insurance payments with RCM workflow management.

Coding Workflow

Reduce coding errors, patient complaints, and speed up the payment of insurance with automated Coding Workflow. Correct codes mean fewer verifications and fewer insurance refusals that improve the revenue cycle.

medical coding

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