Deliver Accurate E-Prescriptions Directly To The Patients’ Pharmacy For Improved Patient Care

Send E-Prescriptions Fast with Safety Assurance and Fraud Prevention

Electronic Health Record eprescription


Unleash the potential of our integrated and secured technology platform to connect with thousands of pharmacies throughout the country.

With E-Prescriptions module, clinicians can see the patients’ prescription benefit information such as eligibility, drug-allergy interaction, and cost-effective alternatives and get access to patients’ medication history to ensure no conflicting medications are prescribed.


Medifusion has made e-Prescribing easier than ever that improves prescription accuracy, minimizes unfilled prescriptions, and saves time. Moreover, it sends prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, prescribes recommended medicines, and for a robust and technology enabled plan of care.

Faster Medications

Our e-prescribing system enables your patients to get the medications faster and send orders electronically to any e-prescribing enabled pharmacy.

Prevents Double-Entry

E-Prescribing replaces manual prescription processes with an automated prescription and allows e-prescribing multiple medications in a single order that prevents double entry.

Locate A Pharmacy

Medifusion’s e-prescription allows locating a pharmacy. Moreover, practitioners can save their preferred prescriptions as well as patients’ preferred pharmacies.

Patient prescription history

Allows seeing your patients’ full prescription history.

Send Prescriptions Quickly

Enables to pick prescriptions, check for drug interactions, and send automatically using any internet-ready device.

Pre-Set Preferences

Allows you to save preferred prescriptions as well as pharmacies.

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