Essentials of Efficient Practice Management Solution

Medifusion web-based free practice management software helps you save time and enjoy greater convenience by simplifying your medical office’s daily essential tasks. You can keep track of tasks, store documents, print reports, etc.


Dashboards provide a clear picture of your practice performance and shortcuts to all of the major tasks that need to be done. You can access shortcuts, manage your to-do list, view key performance indicators, and visualize charges with the practice management solution. You can increase productivity and save time by keeping you and your team focused on the metrics and tasks that drive your success.

Organized Lists

With Medifusion, you can keep track of all of your tasks. Your dashboard displays a list of to-do items and links to key functions. They assist you in ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

View Important Indicators

Charges, adjustments, receipts, accounts receivable balance, day’s revenue outstanding, and other key performance indicators can all be displayed on your dashboards. They keep you informed about your company’s operational status regularly.

View Charts

You can view real-time graphs to analyze your collections and accounts receivable aging. They assist in the visualization of key financial metrics.

Patient Records

Patient records allow you to manage all of your patient information, records, and documents in one place, saving you time and providing greater convenience. Patient demographics, insurance policies, health information tracking, patient alerts, financial history access, and document storage. By centralizing all of your critical patient clinical and billing information, you can save time and provide better care for your patients.

Enter Patient Information

Medifusion allows you to quickly and easily capture all patient data. Use auto-completion on pick lists and zipcode lookups to quickly select a city and state by entering just the zip code as you enter general patient demographics information.

Insurance Policies and Cases

For each patient, you can enter the insurance information of the patients. You can electronically verify a patient’s insurance benefits and generate eligibility reports and authorizations.

Create Alerts

You can set up alerts for scheduling appointments, capturing charges and encounters, billing claims, posting payments, and preparing patient statements.

View Financial History

You can get immediate access to a patient’s entire financial history. You can view the patient’s account’s summary or detailed ledger and filter by case, date range, provider, and other criteria. You can keep track of account notes by date and user.

Insurance Eligibility

The healthcare industry has implemented a standard for electronically verifying insurance benefits to help providers reduce denied insurance claims and manage their patients’ payment responsibility.

“Real-Time Insurance Eligibility,” or “Insurance Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response.” These standards allow a healthcare provider to submit an electronic inquiry to verify a patient’s insurance benefits and receive an immediate response with information about the patient’s insurance policy, including medical services covered and copay, coinsurance, and deductible terms.

Insurance Eligibility Response

You’ll get a response in real-time after submitting an insurance eligibility inquiry. The response you’ll get will be in a standard format. It will include information about whether the insurance company covers the patient at all and, if so, the level of benefits for various categories of medical services, as well as information about the patient’s payment responsibilities, such as the required deductible copayment, or coinsurance. The insurance eligibility report can be viewed on-screen, printed, or saved to the patient’s record.

Scheduled Appointment 

Appointment scheduling can help you increase revenue and improve patient satisfaction as it manages the flow of patients. You can use your scheduler to make appointments, view calendars, print schedules and forms, customize your scheduler, and enforce scheduling rules. Medifusion helps you make the most of your valuable resource: your physicians’ time.

Make an Appointment

The appointment calendar can be used to schedule patients and other appointments. Using powerful recurrence rules, you can schedule one-time or recurring appointments. You can enter information about the patient, case, location, physician, start and end dates and times, appointment reasons, and more for each appointment.

Options for Appointment Reminder Configuration

Configure the appointment options to send email appointment reminders for each appointment. You can also set up options to send a carbon copy of each email to an email address connected to your practice. This is a confirmation that the patient received your email appointment reminder.

You choose whether or not to receive automated telephone reminders during the patient registration process. When the scheduled appointment time approaches, Medifusion will automatically place a reminder call to the patient’s home phone or available mobile phone number.

MediFusion Super bills

With Medifusion, you can create Superbills with various form designs and a customizable list of procedure and diagnosis codes organized into categories that you define. You’ll be able to print your Super bills from the appointment scheduler.

Task Management

Tasks help you increase your productivity by keeping track of what you need to do and delegating work to others. Tasks can be created and linked to various records. Using a task management system integrated with your practice management solution and medical billing software. You can increase your productivity and never forget to complete important tasks.

Make Tasks to Keep Track of Work Items

You can use tasks to keep track of work that you want to remind yourself or that you want to assign to other people in your company. Each task has a subject, due date, priority, type, status, and notes to keep track of everything.

Practice Management Solution with Medifusion

Medifusion EHR Software has some unique features that allow physicians to stay in touch with their patients while keeping track of their financial transactions. We break down communication barriers. Medifusion is a practice management software that includes advanced features like E-prescription, E-invoicing, patient portal, appointment management, secure video consultation, operational efficiency, etc. Our team creates the best practice management software.

Learn how Medifusion Practice Management works. With Medifusion Practice, you can boost the productivity and cash flow of your practice.

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