Improve your Practice Management Systems to Gain Great Patient Reviews.

The seismic changes after the outbreak of Covid-19 have transformed the healthcare industry. In 2019, 49.6 % of Americans got their healthcare insurance through employers, but the scenario built after the outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the whole healthcare industry. According to the Kaiser family foundation, 21 million Americans probably lost their employer-sponsored health insurance since Feb 2021. The whole scenario has created a sense of saving money and achieving high-quality healthcare services. Patients are now more careful about their healthcare expenses. Patients keep on searching for cost-effective and efficient healthcare providers. To Judge the quality of services provided in a specific healthcare enterprise, patients go through the online reviews of the previous patients of that institute. Reputation management became the second concern of the healthcare enterprises as the more the reputed organization is, the more patients are attracted towards it. Practice management systems play an important role in building social proof. Lets learn how?

How to Gain Great Patient Reviews?

Positive and great feedback has become a necessity for healthcare enterprises and individuals. Most healthcare practitioners, clinicians, physicians, and enterprises focus on good patient reviews. The consistent posting of the patient’s numeric and verbatim evaluations helped healthcare providers and the healthcare enterprise achieve their common goal: proper outcomes, patient trust, and their share in the competitive market. Secondly, the whole process can create a gulf between the practitioner and the management of the healthcare enterprise. To remove this gulf, the practitioner and the enterprise need active online channels and analysis systems.

Some tips may help you attain positive and excellent reviews from your patients.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Best healthcare provision and patient satisfaction is your core responsibility as a healthcare provider. Proper diagnosis, prescription, billing, and the ultimate patient experience are the cornerstone of your healthcare business. 

Make Yourself Easy to Find

You provide your services in a competitive market where a patient wants to know everything from the healthcare provider’s location to the quality of the services he provides before he steps into a healthcare enterprise or a clinic. It is essential to make yourself visible on the internet in this competitive market. Use proper social media channels, your personal and institute’s website mentioning your details. The details about the healthcare practitioners or enterprise like the location, specialty, contact numbers or email IDs, hours of operations, and the availability of healthcare for the new patients should be mentioned on the website or social media pages. These are helpful for the patients to approach you more easily. There are more chances for a patient approaching you remotely to select you as his healthcare provider.


A patient’s appointment with his medical practitioner is the first step after his internet or online survey. The more quickly he can get an appointment over the phone or the internet, the better will be the impression of your organization. A positive first impression will keep the patient engaged throughout his health journey. A robust Practice management system with extended software to record and send notifications to the Healthcare practitioner and the patient will help you not miss a single appointment.

First In-Office Interaction

The patient’s first interaction is always with your front desk office staff or reception. The front desk staff is probably responsible for dealing with the patient rightly or wrongly. A receptionist should be careful regarding data privacy, HIPAA rules, and regulations. Their conversations should remain professional, welcoming, and Patient focus.

Keep your front desk staff up-to-date with the industry knowledge and the management systems and tools to record the details of the patient without duplication or omission of the information. A front desk officer equipped with zero-level inaccuracy systems is more efficient than a staff member with fewer resources.

The Healthcare Process

Deploy the right resources, either human or AI- resources in the right place to keep yourself less engaged with the office work and concentrate on your patient’s healthcare. Your office interaction with the patient should be welcoming and make the patient at ease with you. Help patients with proper diagnosis, guide them about the proposed billing, etc. Open discussion, shared decision-making, and transparency throughout diagnosis and healthcare make the whole process successful.

Value Time

Your time, as well as the patient’s time, is essential. It would be best if you valued the time of both parties by adopting modernized tools and technologies. Try to reduce paperwork as much as possible by replacing the paperwork with AI tools or system-generated forms and formats.

Encourage Patient Feedback

A healthcare practitioner should encourage his patients to give positive feedback on their social media and patient portals or social media of the healthcare enterprise. Encouraging communication is assurance that your healthcare enterprise is “Patient-Centric.” A practical slogan of “we care for our patients” is a foundation step of a patient’s trust in your enterprise or yourself.

Motivate Staff to Gather Reviews

You should also motivate your staff to gather reviews from the patients. Online and manually filled review forms can add you analyze the quality of your healthcare services.

Excellent communication habits can lead to a satisfied patient. Patients feel comfortable discussing their point of view, problems, and queries with the staff having strong interpersonal skills.

Get The Reviews Published.

Get these reviews published on your social media channels, website, patient portals, and web portals. The consistency of the review publishing also matters. If a review were published a year ago, it would not remain attractive for today’s patients. The review posted a week ago has a more substantial impact on the decision-making of the recent patient. You should hire or outsource proper staff to keep the positive impact consistent and continuous.

Continuous and Consistent Evaluation 

A continuous and consistent evaluation of the Healthcare standard inpatient journey is essential. Every step from appointment to recovery should be monitored and evaluated closely to keep your enterprise in a progressive position.

Overlooked Back-office operations

Usually, back-office operations like billing, coding, and claims management are not crucial in attaining patient satisfaction. This section is equally important as they communicate with the insurance providers and the patients. Any miscommunication with the patient or the insurance company may create ambiguities and make the process lengthy. Rear cases of overbilling will also ruin the reputation of your healthcare enterprise, or this may lead to the doubt of abuse or fraud.

Hire coding and billing specialists to keep your back office operations running efficiently. A proper billing and coding staff is the helpful inaccuracy of billing and prompt response from the insurance companies. They are also responsible for accurate communication and follow-up with the patients.

One Team, One Plan

A staff with a single plan makes the right team for the success of an enterprise. The alone practitioner cannot be successful without proper management, operations, billings, and front desk staff. It is essential to keep all of your staff on the board to gain the patient’s satisfaction. You can achieve your goal is only possible if this is the goal of your entire staff because every member of the team can bring a positive impact on the business. Their negative behavior also has the power to interrupt the process of healthcare, making a patient dissatisfied or angry.

Consider upgrading your practice management systems and software to increase the productivity of your staff. Check the burden on every staff member. Employ the software and the AI tools to share the burden of your staff. A satisfied staff member is a key to a satisfied patient.

Keep Your Practice Management Systems Running Smoothly.

The whole system of recording reviews publishing them on your website is dependent on the efficiency of the staff. The proper staff or selection of the right outsourcing company is vital to smoothly running the back-office operations.

Equip your system with efficient human resources and practical AI tools and systems to run this system smoothly and uninterrupted.

Most healthcare enterprises have developed their programs and systems to access the quality assurance of the practitioner working with them through the direct feedback of the patients. Patient portals are made to record the feedback and report by the day end, at the end of the month, or quarterly. The whole system is dependent on efficient AI tools, forms, systems, and programs. The more efficient your practice management systems are, the more you can get positive reviews from your patients.

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