Payment Posting

Save Time & Get Paid Faster

Manual medical billing payment processing takes a lot of time and manpower as it requires attention to the smallest detail on an EOB. Our system automates this overall process by setting up automated payment posting so you can focus on taking your business to the next level instead of chasing down checks and EOBs.

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Payment Posting

Effective posting payments is a key part of every successful practice. MediFusion is designed to offer the necessary tools to increase your collections by automating the payment posting and reconciliation process. Smart payment posting is just one feature, with our top of the line, All in One FREE EHR software, Free Practice Management software and Medical Billing Service starting at 2.99% only, you can experience the user friendly Healthcare technology as well as top notch revenue cycle management and customer service in one place.

Simplified Payment Posting and Reconciliation

MediFusion’s Payment Posting services make things easy for your practice as we offer a variety of features.

  • Receive insurance payments via EFT.
  • Spot underpayments with detailed reporting comparing by procedure, by payer payment and by provider payments.
  • Automate postings as well as reconciliation of your payments in the bank
  • ERA reports mentioning each and every detail of the payment.
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Electronic Funds Transfer

We help set up your practice’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) so you can receive payments directly into your bank account. With speedy auditing and posting you are able to focus on collecting more cash v/s worrying about how to post the payments.

ERA Processing

With MediFusion, your billers can not only post payment with a simple click of a button after reconciling it with the end of month in bank but also puts the ERA posting on auto pilot so you don’t have to worry about even clicking that button so you can have the option to hard close your end of month financials.

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