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Simplified Technology Platform to Empower Your Practice Growth

Our cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is an integrated and scalable solution to enable your practice to improve the quality of care provided to patients.

This easy to use web-based EHR platform allows you to access your Clinical and Financial information on any internet-ready device, no matter where you are.

Managing your practice, optimizing your workflows, and increasing revenues are simpler with our completely customizable EHR system that allows you to easily document and track administrative and clinical aspects of your patient visits.

medifusion ehr

Game Changing EHR Features

Electronic Health Record interoperability


Send/receive transition of care and clinical summaries to and from other providers. Patients get timely access to view, download and transmit their health information.

Electronic Health Record E prescriptins


Send prescriptions electronically, to thousands of preferred patient pharmacies using your mobile devices or any internet-ready computer.

Electronic Health Record communication


MediFusion EHR allows personalized and secure communication between you and your patients. Send private to your office staff as well as billing team.

clinical decision support

Clinical Decision Support

Make smart choices based on actionable insight. MediFusion provides intelligently filtered knowledge to clinicians, staff, and patients to support clinical decisions.

data security integrity

Data Security and Integrity

Protection of patient data is our top priority. MediFusion maintains the integrity of your patients’ data using HIPAA complaint cloud-based storage.

Electronic Health Record mips-apm


We understand and meet the necessary MACRA & MIPS requirements to help providers deliver quality care to patients while keeping the costs under control.

Electronic Health Record simplified-workflows

Simplified Workflows

MediFusion's integrated system with user-friendly interface simplifies workflows, improves efficiency, and optimizes collaboration between providers and their staff.

Electronic Health Record speciality EHR

Specialty-Based EHR

Our Specialty-Based Electronic Health Records module has features customized to your practice’s requirements. Incorporate your workflow with hundreds of templates and features to choose from.

Electronic Health Record tele health


Telehealth allows practitioners to provide care remotely. Initiate virtual visits with text messages or emails, and reach out to patients via on-demand video/audio calls.

Custom Built EHR For Your Specialty

AI-Powered EHR Modules​

Electronic Health Record patient portal

Patient Portal

Our easy to use Patient Portal lets patients communicate securely with you and your office staff. You can send out updates regarding their upcoming appointments along with having them access to their billing information, lab results, medications, and care plans as well as allow them to pay online.

Electronic Health Record

Encounter Notes

Incredibly fast and easy to document chart note, send out electronic prescriptions, document problem list and advise a plan of care with easy to understand workflow and the most advanced functionalities to help you earn MIPS (MU3) and quality payment program incentives.

Electronic Health Record lab integration

Lab Integration

Manually ordering and receiving lab results is a cumbersome process and prone to human error. With our automated Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, providers can now easily send out lab orders and receive results electronically, incorporated directly into the patient record for review.

Electronic Health Record patients's dashboard

Clinical Dashboard

Access your patient’s information in detail, view scheduled appointments, access lab results, check pending medication refills securely are some of the many features you get to experience in the Medifusion’s EHR intuitive patient dashboard. It gives complete visibility for the list of things that need your attention.


Medifusion provides comprehensive medical billing services that include insurance eligibility verification, claim submission, claim denials management, follow-ups, and financial management to ensure maximum reimbursements.

Hundreds of IT resources not only support customizations, implementation, and process automation but also transition your clinical and non-clinical data from any EHR and Billing System seamlessly.

Our fee structure is transparent. We provide customized and specialty-specific solutions that suite your business needs. Any additional fee may be related to specific feature functionality.

Yes, our software is HIPAA complaint and is securely encrypted, stored, and backed up in the cloud. We use the highest level of industry encryption standards to protect your data.

You can start using MediFusion as soon as you sign up. However, implementation times may vary and could take a couple of weeks depending upon the customized features, enrollment with insurance companies and data migration.

MediFusion offers end-to-end solutions to healthcare providers to deliver optimum patients care, modernize patient experience, automate workflow, and improve financial reimbursements. 

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