Quick Payments

Quick Payments

With MediFusion’s end-to-end patient payment solutions you can optimize collections with little effort and improve revenue. Maximize patient collections and reduce frustration over unpaid invoices as our easy-to-use services are designed to provide a seamless payment experience.

Quick Payments

Patient Payment Done Right

MediFusion’s robust payment solution helps practice increase collection rates and bring in more revenue. Unlike traditional payment methods, MediFusion utilizes automated emails, texts and statement reminders to ensure timely payments.

Quick Payments visibility
Improved Visibility

Our dashboard provides your practice with a clear view of the communication with the patient. Automate follow-ups, credit card processing and statement batches on patient balance for a better experience.

Quick Payments
Reduce A/R

MediFusion keeps your practice on top of things by sending out texts, email balance reminders to patients with unpaid balances to ensure speedy collections.

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Patient Payment Anytime, Anywhere

Patients prefer to scan their bill statements and quickly make their payments. MediFusion provides easy access and flexibility for patients to pay scan their bill and make payments online from anywhere, anytime.

Smooth Patient Collection Experience

Our Quick Payment solutions offer an informative, simplified and enhanced patient payment experience that will not only save your staff some time but will help your practice receive high ratings and retain more patients.

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