What Is Medical Billing And Coding?

What is medical billing and coding? Medical billing and coding is an important industry that makes doctors’ goals of getting maximum reimbursement possible with their expert team and efficient services. Outsourcing medical billing services to medical billing and coding companies, is very important to streamline revenue cycle management. Its primary function is to streamline the healthcare system’s payment cycle, ensuring that medical professionals such as physicians receive payments for the services they provide.

Medical Coding

After collecting data from patient records, physician notes, test findings, and other paperwork, the coders convert it to a code that insurance companies can correctly interpret and understand.

There is a medical code for every diagnosis and medical operation. This statement led to different medical codes, each corresponding to a different operation or service, disease or damage. There are codes for the type of visit (inpatient, outpatient, etc.), the symptoms of the patients, the prescribed tests, and the diagnosis reached.

A Medical Biller or Coder records the code into a system and forward it to the claim management team after adding and verifying the code for ensuring its accuracy. These codes assist healthcare professionals in billing accurately and profitably. It entails using medical codes to generate a bill for health insurance companies, often known as an insurance claim. Medical billing is filing claims to patients’ insurance companies for a healthcare provider for reimbursement. Billers must also follow up on insurance claims to verify that reimbursement is received.

Medical Billing

Medical billing is a crucial aspect of a healthcare facility since it protects and optimizes income. It involves management of patients’ data and send it to coding department to further move the claim to the insurance companies. Insurance company after verification clear the bills and healthcare facility gets its payment.

Medical biller and Coder Responsibilities

A Medical Biller and Coder is in charge of taking health information and translating it into codes that allow providers to be reimbursed by health insurance companies. This person is typically the primary entity responsible for analyzing and coding patient data, putting it into the system, and then submitting the codes and claims to insurance companies.

The professional examine clinical statements, patient records, transcribed physician notes, and lab or radiology data and assign standard medical codes to each treatment or diagnosis using a classification system.

A Medical Biller would then translate the code into medical claims, which would promptly send to insurance companies or other payers such as Medicare.

A medical biller and coder

  • Examine patient data and health records.
  • Ensure the data’s accuracy, suitability, and completeness
  • Create a form showing all the data
  • Claims are sent to the payer.
  • Payments are posted when they come in.
  •  The Medical Biller and Coder’s work describes the entire section of a patient’s experience with a provider from beginning to end, and guarantees that the provider is reimbursed for the services provided.

Medical billing is filing and submitting medical claims for services provided to patients. Accurate coding aids in the prevention of incorrect notes or diagnoses. Medical billers ensure that the codes are appropriately typed and that all insurance data entered into their system is correct. The law mandates that health information technicians who work with patient data be able to keep it confidential to protect it.

Medical billers and coders collaborate to collect information and paperwork, appropriately code claims, so physicians get payments timely, and follow up with payers to ensure that the money reaches the client’s bank account.

Both roles are critical to any healthcare provider’s office cash flow. Regardless of their roles, billers and coders must pay close attention to detail.

Medical Billing Services

Efficient medical billing services support this and enable a booming revenue-generating cycle. BellMedEx, as an expert medical billing services firm, can handle all aspects of the medical billing process, such as adhering to HIPAA regulations and expediting the collection process. We recognize that healthcare providers encounter missing charges, underpricing, non-reimbursed errors, coding errors, and so on, resulting in a significant loss of revenue.

Prioritizing the health of your patients is the most critical responsibility that your healthcare facility must focus on.

Outsource medical billing services will also help you save money and time by facilitating appropriate recordkeeping and preventing errors in filing bills and insurance claims. Some of the primary medical billing solutions we provide are as follows:

Charge Entry

Charge entry is an important step in medical billing and claim management. This data is used to proceed medical billing process. At this stage, CPT and ICD-10 codes are added in the practice management system.  When the medical billing clearinghouse rejects a submission, medical billers corrects and resubmits it.

AR recovery

Extensive follow-up is accompanied by the recovery of outstanding accounts receivable (AR). The AR collection time decreases in revenue increases due to our continuous phone and email follow-ups

Medical Coding services

Healthcare organizations must report patient information to insurance companies on time and accurately. The efficiency of submission determines the rate of claim approvals and denials. In such a circumstance, there is an urgent need to improve the accuracy and speed of the insurance claims filing procedure. Each patient has a unique code, which aids in simply retrieving medical information for insurance purposes.

BellMedEx is a medical coding company that is serving the healthcare industry on a multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary basis in the United States. Medical coding directly influences revenue because errors at this stage can result in denials, reduced payments, and rework. We use trained and experienced medical coding experts who code with extreme precision.

Obtaining Patient Charts

The process begins when you send us the patient’s details. You may be utterly confident in the security of your data since BellMedEx Solutions values its integrity.


The coders enter the codes for insurance companies, physicians, diagnostics, and other procedures during pre-coding step.

Coding for ICD and CPT

Our coders use medical coding standards such as ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS. Codes for insurance providers, doctors, diagnostics, and other procedures are input during the pre-coding phase

Why should you get BellMedEx Medical Billing and coding services?

A medical biller must pay close attention to detail and have prior expertise with practice management systems. By outsourcing medical billing consulting services to us, you can gain access to a variety of benefits.


We assist our clients by providing extraordinarily flexible and reasonable pricing alternatives that meet their business objectives and budgets.

Data Safety

We provide efficient medical billing services that are ISO certified. Any data you share with us is always fully secure and protected.

Compliance with HIPAA

We commence each project only after signing a HIPAA agreement with the customer, ensuring that all patient-related data is secure.

24/7 Customer Service

Our Customer services teams are ready 24/7 to aid you with any problem you may be experiencing.

Excellent Infrastructure

We appreciate the value of solid infrastructure and have access to cutting-edge medical billing software and international-standard for all services.

Quality Services

BellMedEx assures that all medical billing outsourcing services our team provides are of the highest quality and free of errors.

Quick Turnaround

We have various delivery locations worldwide, allowing us to provide high-quality services in a timely manner.

Scalable Services

We have the necessary bandwidth and resources to grow up the service requirements and team size as the client requests.


Medical Billers can easily understand the claims procedure and the requirements that must give to process the claims because they work with insurance companies. Medical coders examine patient data to determine which physicians executed operations and healthcare practices. As insurance companies utilize the codes for successful insurance claims processing, so, the coders are responsible to assign codes accurately.

Because of the importance placed on precise coding, medical coders must collaborate with other team members to obtain additional information about a specific patient. This is necessary to perform procedures to code the diagnosis in an appropriate way. It is also mandatory to inform personnel about the types of data and information that must be a part of patients’ records to make the coding process fast and smooth.

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